ScribeacTMP Library: Library Program description

In 2013, the Theban Mapping Project opened a “public” library on the West Bank at Luxor.  No such facility existed in Upper Egypt.

The library was designed to serve two audiences:

  1. an extensive Egyptology collection serves antiquities inspectors, conservators, Egyptologists, tour guides, tourists and local villagers, and boasts over 5,000 volumes;
  2. a large collection of children’s books, particularly books on Egypt and conservation, serves young children who otherwise learn little of their country’s heritage.

Each week, the library offers classes in subjects ranging from archaeological surveying, computer skills, and English and Arabic language, to knitting, guitar, arts and crafts, nutrition and health, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The library hosts films and talks (in Arabic) on ancient history, art and architecture, nature conservation, animal care, and health.

Hundreds of children and dozens of adults make use of the library every week, and its rapidly growing popularity demands that we move to larger quarters.  Already the library has become a West Bank cultural center and focal point of the local Egyptological community.

As far as our books and publications are concerned; these can only be read in the library.

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