May we invite you to visit the Theban Mapping Project library?

Theban Mapping Project A.U.C. Library

The Theban Mapping Project A.U.C. library is intended to be a library that can profitably be consulted by professional Egyptologists as well as by the general public of all ages.

The library already houses over a thousand volumes in Arabic and English plus over 5,000 volumes in electronic form, and we hope the number of books and journals will continue to grow.

The collection includes works on subjects ranging from archaeological techniques, surveying, conservation, osteology, and others appropriate for those who work on the monuments at Thebes, to general works on medicine, health and nutrition, history, literature, science, language.

Computers for Internet searches and journal access (including Jstor) are available. We are working with local orphanages school groups to offer programs introducing young people to the importance of protecting and studying Egypt’s long traditions.

The library is available to all, free of charge, daily from 1500 to 2200.

Already, it is being visited by Egyptologists, antiquities inspectors, conservators, tourist guides, and local Egyptian students, and we expect the number of patrons to grow rapidly as word of the library’s availability spreads.

We believe that the library can play an important role in the TMP’s efforts to inform and educate the general public about the importance of Egypt’s patrimony, and to enhance the work of those directly involved in the protection of the Theban monuments.


Hope we can welcome you soon!Kent Weeks

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